Slimeball Harry Reid Weighs In On AP Scandal


“I have trouble defending what the Justice Department did.”

That’s just a snippet of what was said earlier today from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Hopefully he sticks to that statement and presses hard against the Obama Administration but I highly doubt it. He’ll probably end up defending Obama saying that the President has nothing to do with the DOJ and that this was all done without his knowledge. Now it is a possibility that that was the case but even that is enough for justified scrutiny against Obama because it is his Administration and he should be setting the tone and standards for the way that the Executive Branch carries out their work.

Now about Harry Reid, I do not like him. He’s been in Congress for way too long and has clearly become senile with his wild political shift from the moderate left to now the far left, his wacky comments during the 2012 election about Mitt Romney evading his taxes and has been one of Obama’s top supporters since his first day in office backing everything from ObamaCare to immigration reform.

The day that Reid finally leaves office will be one of my favorite days ever, right up there with when Obama leaves office which actually looks like could be happening soon if all these scandals add up in Washington.


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