Rep. Michele Bachmann Sporting Futuristic Gadgetry


Bachmann from the Future

Now this is pretty awesome! Rep. Bachman (despite her stance on Gay Marriage, she was one of my favorites during the 2012 primaries) was walking around the Capital earlier today wearing Google’s latest super cool gadget called Google Glass. Looks like something straight out of Star Trek or Minority Report, doesn’t it?

Google Glass is basically a personal assistant (like Apple’s Siri) that is worn on your face, displaying maps, directions, video chats and more handy dandy information. Controlling the device is by primarily using your voice by saying things like “Glass, where is the nearest McDonalds?” then Glass proceeds to display the nearest locations of the fast food chain. The product is still very much in its early form but should be a consumer product once Google smooths some problems out with the product.

This picture originally made its way on Twitter and some major news sites are already making caption contests out of the it. Some captions are downright ridiculous but others are actually pretty funny. I suggest clicking on the link to see what people are saying.


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