The Majority Of The Left Is Astonishingly Deficient


The left is possibly the most incredibly selfish and misinformed group of individuals that I have ever encountered. During the 2012 elections, I had multiple discussions with some Liberal peers about their reasons for voting for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney. Now while some of them were honest and said ‘I’m not going to be voting because they both suck’ or ‘I really don’t pay attention so I won’t be voting’ (I believe that not voting is voting) I also ran into some individuals that said their reasoning for voting for Barack Obama was because he is for ‘gay marriage’ and has ‘got this country out of a deep economic hole’.

First off, yes the President has said that in a way he is for marriage equality but he as President will never make it legal and will never make a push for it. I believe that Obama only said he was for gay marriage so he could appeal to the stupid and misinformed because the stupid and misinformed will say ‘Oh! Obama is for gay marriage! That is awesome! I am totally voting for him regardless of the fact that we’re in deep debt and still have bad unemployment numbers!’.

Obama used social issues as a front to hide the fact that his economy still sucked and that his incredibly wasteful stimulus package of 2009 did absolutely nothing to help this economy.

I got into multiple debates about the 2012 election with some friends and acquaintances and most of those debates were very civilized, however there was one that really irked me. It was a very deep debate with a fellow gay right before the election. While I made my points he would try to defend himself by saying things like ‘how could you vote for Romney? He isn’t for you to have equal rights!’. This dumb ass didn’t even know that Obama said that it was up to the states to legalize gay marriage.

So not only did this incompetent jerk not know that Obama openly said that it was up to each state to legalize gay marriage, he didn’t even understand that Obama passing any sort of Amendment to the Constitution to legalize gay marriage is virtually impossible due to the checks and balances system of the United States.

One of my main arguments for voting for Romney during the election was that my right to marry whomever I want isn’t nearly as important as getting millions of people back to work and whenever I brought up to him, he would immediately deflect my facts with offensive remarks, calling me names and saying that I was ‘a selfish gay’.

Are you kidding me!? I am selfish because I voted for a man who has a background in growing businesses versus a President who contributed $5 trillion in debt over just four years with absolutely no solid results? I was clearly the selfish one.

After that debacle, I realized that debating with the stupid and misinformed wasn’t even worth it anymore because I would get just so frustrated; even now writing about this incident all these months later still gets my blood boiling!

Now unfortunately I believe that this mindset of ‘Barack Obama has the power to legalize gay marriage and that is all I care about’ is exactly the mindset of the overwhelming majority of the gay population and frankly lots of the youth of this country because this is the kind of conversation I had with multiple people around the same age as me (I am 20) during the election.

Every time I put out facts about the poor Obama economy, the left would try their best to disregard the facts and make poor excuses for the President or just begin calling me names. That is what the majority of the left does all the time.

I really do believe that those who associate themselves with the far left are very misguided and incredibly misinformed.


15 thoughts on “The Majority Of The Left Is Astonishingly Deficient

  1. I think it is different in the UK. Our main three parties now all support equal marriage- I don’t see why the main American candidates don’t either. I don’t think it should be belittled as an issue.

    • I think American politicians, especially those on the right, really hold their religious believes close to them and supposedly Christianity is strongly against homosexuality, therefore making a stance that approves of a homosexual lifestyle a turn off to their personal beliefs and the beliefs of a lot of Americans.

      Not only that but thankfully a lot of American politicians believe that gay marriage should be a state issue, our federal government should not have the power to determine what marriage is because if we start giving the federal government that power then they’ll begin to abuse that power to pass other laws.

  2. I’m not sure whether you support gay marriage or not now?

    • I support gay marriage but I do not believe that the Federal government (our American Congress) should be the ones to decide whether or not to legalize gay marriage. It should be a state by state issue.

      So for example, I live in Arizona. If Arizona wanted to legalize gay marriage then I would be all for it. But if Obama and Congress wanted to legalize gay marriage then I would not be okay with that because I am against the federal government having that kind of power.

  3. Hmm.. I’m not sure how far I agree with that. It seems unfair that some states have better rights than others. It’s a little like the trouble with N Ireland at the minute. For example, women in England have better abortion rights that women in N Ireland and equal marriage isn’t even being debated in NI. People are frustrated that people who belong to the same nation as them have better civil rights.

    • I definitely see where you are coming from but this is what makes America so great.

      Lets say that Arizona did legalize gay marriage. If it really bothered people in Arizona who are against gay marriage then they have the freedom to move to another state where gay marriage is outlawed. Or the other way around, if gay marriage was outlawed in Arizona, then I as a gay man, would have the freedom to move to Washington where gay marriage is legal.

  4. I think having to move states to obtain a basic civil right, is a little extreme. I’m sure people have jobs, families, homes etc to think about before they get up and move. There isn’t really any justifiable reason to outlaw gay marriage anyway. It is a basic civil right that everyone deserves. It is the same issue as allowing inter- racial marriage. I can’t see a reason for two people in love to not be able to get married. It’s is the epitome of discrimination.

    • And I completely agree with you. But I am looking out for the majority in that like I said earlier, if America were able to legalize gay marriage on a federal level then who knows what else they’ll deem law, like taking my rights away to own a gun.

      Legalizing gay marriage on a federal level would lead to other things that could abuse the rights of Americans.

  5. Well gun law in America is ridiculous. Gun crime plummeted in the UK when gun restrictions were introduced. Why not apply this basic logic to America. Here are some statistics. States with higher gun ownership have up to a 114% higher murder rate than states with lower gun ownership. Every time a gun is used in self-defence in the home, there are 7 assaults or murders, 11 suicide attempts, and 4 accidents involving guns in or around a home.

    The statistics are a little outdated, but nothing has really changed in regards to gun law, so the statistics are really similar. The cons far outweigh the pros of gun ownership. It is a culture that has been bred through fear, people believe they are protecting themselves but they are actually putting themselves and others at more risk. It is a wide spread issue. The UK is far more advanced when it comes to gun ownership- and most people think that the current gun-ownership situation in America is ridiculous- almost surreal.

  6. When you take the time span into consideration, the advancement in security and the increase in ‘white collar’ crime- that drop is far less significant than it appears. Owning a gun puts you at more risk- fact. The UK has far tighter gun restrictions and proportionally, gun crime AND murder rates in the UK are a lot lower- fact. Countries with less restriction on gun ownership have higher murder rates- fact. If you own a gun that you use as a defence weapon in the home, or that you carry on your person- your desire to own a gun is putting million of people at risk every year. People need to have some personal accountability. Just like every person who owns a car is partially responsible for traffic.

  7. Here is a reputable website from a non UK and non US source.
    Yes the violent crime rate is a lot higher- which only proves my point further- when a gun is taken out of the equation, however violent the situation is, people are less at risk then when a firearm is involved. It is really an un-arguable thing- only gun-loving conspiracy theorists are taken in by the people who think that gun ownership actually makes a country safer.

  8. If gun law changed, then the burglars wouldn’t be carrying weapons either. In the UK, only one in thirteen violent crimes involve a firearm. In the UK this is one in three- most burglaries happen when the family is out of the house- the best way to protect your family is to have a security alarm, not a murder weapon in your own home. For every one act of self defence there are countless other crimes. You are part of the traffic that makes America a more dangerous place to live in. In 30 years time, you will have the same gun laws as the UK (probably) and the homicide rate in America will plummet, just as it did in the UK.

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