Communities Coming Together


I’m not going to talk about how the left is already wanting to talk damn politics; they’re already saying this tornado is related to so called climate change. The left is just so damn pathetic.

This tornado was about six times more powerful than the nuclear bomb that went off in Hiroshima in WWII. The tornado been rated as an EF5 which is the most powerful on the scale of tornados. The tornado had over 200 MPH winds, absolute devastation was left behind.

What I am seeing in the aftermath of this disaster is what makes this country so great. People are helping out in any way they can by donating money and supplies to those in need. Americans always come together in times of tragedy, regardless of our differences. Reading and hearing heroic stories online about how teachers did all they could to keep their students safe is just absolutely heart wrenching and a reminder that the people of America are such great people at heart.

I’ll be donating to Glenn Beck’s ‘Mercury One’, 100% of the donations go straight to the relief effort in Moore, Oklahoma. Mercury One has already over $600,000 in donations.

You can donate here.